Saturday morning we’re scheduled for our first ultrasound. Every night this week Hubs has come home and announced the countdown with twinkle in his eyes.

“3 more days”

“2 more days”

“The day after tomorrow”

It makes my heart swell. We’ve come into adulthood together since we started dating nearly 10 years ago. Though we’ve had our share of adventures (marriage, buying a condo, the 2011 Japan Earthquake), we’ve mostly lived a very charmed, comfortable life. I’m certain this baby is going to unhinge us in ways we can never prepare for, but I know we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.


2 thoughts on “Eager

  1. maggie may says:

    I just bumbled here and have to stop and say CONGRATULATIONS! How awesome. My husband and I are together almost ten years and have four kiddos 🙂 It’s such an awesome ride.

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