I’m a lurker. A lurking lurker that lurks. Or at least I was for many years. I love blogs, and have read dozens of them for a very long time, but most of the time I don’t comment. Somehow I’ve felt that not having a blog to link back to made me an outsider, and that commenting alone wouldn’t make me a part of the community.  Going to Camp Mighty helped me get over that. I realized that it’s my silence that has kept me out of the communities I’ve been admiring for so long. I’ve been more mindful to comment on the majority of the post I read since I returned from Palm Springs.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Rebecca at Stumble and Leap on Thanksgiving 

“I’m finding myself grateful for the unexpected opportunity to savor Thanksgiving at Home.”

Leslie’s posts and illustrations on the Camp Mighty Talks

“Dopamine is released in our brain all the time and it “tags” certain behaviors, thoughts and experiences in different environments or social situations as good or bad. These tags become our CUES. Cues are everything and influence our behavior constantly. They are the source of superstitions and rituals and it is these cues that make it SO HARD to change our habits and behaviors. If there is something in our life that we want to change, we literally have to battle our own brain to improve ourselves.”

Girls Gone Child 2011

“2011 was supposed to be the year of reflection and stilling the mind, Alan Watts style. A zen year of exploring the internal. The year of om. Of pausing to exhale. Pausing to inhale. Pausing to exhale, serenity now. Except that didn’t happen…”


What about you? Do you leave comments?



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